Norwegian Festival!

 Instead of torturing poor small crabs, Yngve Ekern should climb aboard a Norwegian horse wagon, to enjoy one of Norway's finest traditions!. I have read of this tradition, and it is indeed noble!
Was caught from a toilet seat!
In this ceremony, Yngve would be able to fire a large hook (with an exploding head on it) into a horse-supposedly a large intelligent mammal - and after the poor horse has dragged his wagon several Kilometers through the streets of Oslo, and it is too exhausted to run anymore, the wagoners will descend from the wagon and then CUT UP the still-living horse into pieces (hopefully we assume the horse does not live too much longer - but that's OK; horses don't feel pain).
Hey- This horse killing festival is apparently perfectly LEGAL under Norwegian law. Yngve Ekern need not fear any prosecution from silly misguided animal-rights groups such as NOAH!
Horse meat is apparently a Norwegian delicacy, and part of their 'cultural heritage'.
 Of course, the UN only permits a limited number of horses to be killed in in this manner each year, and only for 'scientific research' (chuckle-chuckle) But it's a Grand Tradition and we should not condemn the Norwegians for their horse-spearing way of life.
But alas! There is some talk of now extending this noble tradition to killing whales! Hmmnn.. now perhaps this is going a bit TOO far. Much better to stick to crabs and horses.
My God! Spearing a large whale with a large exploding hook?  Why, not even the Japanese would be savage enough to do that!