My three days in New York City - Sept, 2014

Taking the bus from Plattsburgh, NY to the Big Apple! 
And I'll be staying in the exotic SUN BRIGHT hotel in Chinatown again! For 3 nights!
I've stayed there before. Seems clean. And I even had a TV in my room last time.  And free Wifi!
Here's a New York Times review of it-  I found this admittedly after I had already paid my room deposit for 3 nights.
    NEW YORK TIMES REVIEW    Well, it's from 2006.  I'm sure they've cleaned it up by now. And I already stayed in it a couple of years ago.
  Funny.. I don't remember any cockroaches or ten-day-old corpses the last time I stayed there. Maybe this time I'll have one as a room-mate. I just hope it's bunk beds, not a double.

ARRIVED! And checked in!
All you have to is google  "SunBright Hotel NY" or something similar to see what a great place this is!
Anyhoo, here is one link....
    http://www.booking.com/hotel/us/sun-bright.en-us.html   Ah! Some positive reviews!
Say- Are you visiting New York from the United Kingdom? The Daily Mail offers you a special discount!  HERE.  

And here is an interesting   New York Post Article!
  Scary?  I've seen worse...
The lobby is on 2nd floor (really the 3rd)...  the dog cages above are on the 4th, and my room is on the 5th, above the homicidal residents.  Sorry, no elevator.  I need the exercise anyhow. But I have a key to my room  as well as a key to the whole 5th floor!  Wouldn't want any of those 4th floor zombies coming upstairs!
I  WOULD have gotten a room on the 3rd probably with a TV, but when I jokingly asked for a room with a window, he complied and gave me a 5th floor room,  And I then discovered it has no TV ... But who cares... 
Oh, the pay phone, as was described in The New York Times article above, is no longer broken. Unless perhaps the resident I saw talking on it had gone off his meds again.