TREE HUGGING (May, 2015)

The last ten years or so, while either walking, running or bicycling along the road near my house,I always somehow managed to see that Maple tree at the entrance to neighbour's driveway (no one lives there; it's just a logging road into the woods) and notice it slowly dying. For many years, the tree has held one end of a chain across the road. This chain was originally attached to a hook in the tree, but much lower. The other end was, and still is, attached to a large cedar post across the driveway.
About four years ago some unfeeling lout decided that the chain was too low, so they wrapped it tightly round the trunk of the maple tree, fastened it, and then drove in a few nails to keep it there. Of course the tree started to choke, and began dying. Somehow I could not help but notice this each time I passed this driveway.
 The last few years the tree had valiantly tried to "absorb" this tourniquet, and a bit of bark did indeed manage to grow around part of the chain on one side. But most of the tree began to die, and a huge section of bark on one side flaked off.
A few weeks ago I had finally had enough of staring at this cruelty every time I ran or walked by it. So, a big screw-hook was procured in the workshop, and I got my cordless drill and a couple of wrenches, and went over there to unwrap the chain, install the hook (where there is no bark, just inner dead wood), and finally attach the chain properly!
Now, each time I run by there, I feel better. And I think the tree does also. Already there is new bark creeping sideways across the dead wood, covering it up. And the top is full of green leaves once again.
Go ahead- call me a tree hugger.